Creative Task - Global Refugee Crisis

Experience Design


Hyper Island as admissions requirement 


Given the digital, tech, data tools and resources available, how come we don't see more innovative and/or creative solutions by policy makers worldwide? 


1. The only belonging refugees have by the time they arrive to their destination is a smartphone
2. Smartphones are vital in their journeys because it's their only form of communication with family and friends back home and for GPS access to find the safest routes
2. Before conflict, refugees were educated and well off individuals living their day-to-day lives
3. Refugees possess immense skills in their individual fields of expertise


An app that helps pushes communities to welcome, inform and provide refugees with information and ideas on how to start their new, safer lives. Refugees and local volunteers can set up profiles and find each other based on needs and supply. Refugees and local volunteers can collectively supply important information for other and future refugees to come.

*My first ever infographic! Thank you Canva!

*My first ever infographic! Thank you Canva!