Design Thinking & Experience Design


Nikextension, who is working with IKEA for an IKEA exhibition opening in 2017.


How can we create an informative and inspiring exhibition journey through the senses (touch, sight, taste, smell, sound) that raises awareness, interest, sparks debate and contributes towards an understanding of 'home' and a better way of life? 

In own words:

An opportunity to create an interactive experience where all senses of each visitor can be stimulated and balanced to share an overall idea of home. 


1.     The concept of home has a different meaning for people in different periods of their life journeys
2.     β€˜Home’ is not constant, and changes over time
3.     Home is not made of one sense, but a combination of and interchangeable relationship of all senses
4.     Home is not about what is tangibly in the house, but the memories, emotions and people behind them; the intangibles of the tangibles in the tangible home
5.     Home is universal at its core, no matter who you are or where you are from



The concept for our human centered exhibition experience is about understanding the universal idea of home by stimulating all senses. How? By unlocking the memories, emotions and people in and of visitor's real homes, as well as enabling visitors to experience their personal homes in a space that doesn't look like their home. 

What the visitor will experience in the space: 


Storytelling and video by JiHye Kim


A 3D model of our space: